DRY-N-WRAP Hair Towel

My Story

"Originally from California, I moved to North Carolina where I had to battle with humidity.  Untamable frizz and hair swelling, I took for granted the great weather my hair was accustom to.

Washing & drying my hair became a stressful routine.

I created these towels because I was tired of the damage a bath towel was doing to my hair. As much as I enjoyed using a t-shirt to dry my hair with, I couldn't go run errands with a shirt on my head! The solution came to me like a light bulb. Fashionable hair towels that would dry your hair with no breakage or frizz. These towels can be slept in overnight and won't slide off.  The perfect towel for all hair textures.  I know these towels will become your new hair necessity.

Love your hair and look good doing it!"

~Chrishana W.